YuXian(Yu county)【蔚县的英文版介绍】

From past to present Yu county occupies an illustrious place in national history as a member of the 16 ancient provinces of ancient China!

| History

Yu county posses a long and storied past, stone tools hundreds of thousands of years old were found onsite at the Huliu river valley. Modern day Yu county was known as Jizhou during the reign of the Five Legendary Emperors and was a center of civilization throughout the Shang, Qin, and Han dynasties, as well as during the Warring States, and Western Jin periods. The area possesses 1420 years of established history starting from 580 AD when the area was renamed Yuzhou. According to archaeologists region was permanently settled as early as Eastern Zhou, therefore the founding of the Yu township dates back at least 2700 years.

| Geography

Yu county is situated in western Hebei roughly 230km east of Beijing, with Baoding to the south, Datong to the west and Zhangjiakou to the north. The county spans 74.55km east-west and 71.25km north-south. The region experiences 4 distinct seasons, abundant sunlight, good precipitation, and thus is home to robust and excellent agricultural production.

| Sights and Sounds

Due to its thousand year history, You county is home to breathtaking natural scenery and numerous historical relics. Some of these include high altitude plains, the minor Wutai mountain range, Huliu resevoir, Jade Pavilions, the Nanan Buddhist pagoda, Jinshan Temple and many hot springs and ancient villages. The county hosts close to a million tourists each year. During the 2014 Golden Holiday week, Yu county received close to 200,000 visitors.

Overall Yu county is rich in history and natural beauty; a perfect retreat situated in western China offering an escape from the summer heat!

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